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Our Staff

The Boswells School has a large and expert staff who work together to ensure that children excel in every area of school life. We have 107 teaching staff and 102 support staff working together to make this the great school that it is.

If you would like to contact a member of our leadership, teaching or pastoral staff, please visit the Staff Contact Details page.

Teaching Staff

Leadership Team

Mr P Banks - Executive Headteacher
Mr S Mansell - Head of School
Mr K Cheema - Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)
Mr J Donaldson - Deputy Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)
Ms L Grover - Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Ms C Noble - Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress)
Mr M Fletcher - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Sixth Form)
Mr C Bentley - Lead Practitioner (English)
Ms S Veitch - Lead Practitioner (Maths)

Heads of Year 

Ms F Lovibond - Head of Year 7
Ms H Burton - Head of Year 8
Mr J Harkness - Head of Year 9
Ms T Ogunbiyi- Head of Year 10
Mr D Page - Head of Year 11

Heads of Major Curriculum Areas

Ms A Crickmore - English
Mr P Williams - Maths
Ms T Gage-Pascoe - Science
Mr S Jones - Humanities
Ms P Cater - ICT & Business
Mrs V Lamb - Modern Languages
Mr P Butler - Performing Arts
Ms S Heaton - Sport & PE
Mr O Smith - Technology
Ms A Thorne - Learning Support


Ms D Beazeley - Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr C Bentley-Lead Practitioner
Ms C Christophi
Ms A Crickmore - Head of Faculty
Ms T Lister - Head of Media Studies
Ms K Nally
Ms H Rogers

Ms C Simpson
Ms N Sunshine-Harris

Ms S Stout
Ms K Toleman
Ms A Wilson - Key Stage 5 Co-Ordinator
Ms E Woodhull- Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Ms Emily Lawrence
Mr Jack Farrington


Mr P Boreham
Ms D Fayz
Mr J Harkness
Mr J Lowes 
Mr S Mansell
Mr P McManus
Ms S Mortby
Mr K Parr
Mr P Williams - Head of Faculty
Ms S Veitch - Lead Practitioner
Mr Stephen Moore -Assistant Head of Faculty


Ms C Baker
Ms E Blackmore

Ms J Chittenden
Mr R Coxhead
- Head of Chemistry
Ms C Farrell - Assistant Head Faculty/Head of Physics
Ms T Gage-Pascoe - Head of Faculty
Ms M Hellary - Head of Biology
Ms C O'Brien
Mr B Lee
Mr A Reed
Mr W Ritchie

Mr P Summerton


Mr J Daggar - Head of History
Ms L Grover
Ms A Flanigan

Ms S Hayes - Head of RE
Ms S Hellen
Mr S Jones - Head of Faculty
Ms L Power
Mr A Rogers - Assistant Head of Faculty/Head of Law
Ms S Smyth
Ms L Taylor
Ms D Trout
Ms C Dallas
Ms S Wells-
Acting Head of Geography
Ms A Whitehead
Mr J Caba

ICT & Business Studies

Mr P Ambrose - Assistant Head of Faculty/Head of Business Studies
Ms K Budden
Ms P Cater - Head of Faculty
Ms C Kuczma

Modern Languages

Ms R Cohen
Ms N Coker
Ms C Dezert

Ms S Dulais - Assistant Head of Faculty/Head of French
Mrs V Lamb -Head of Faculty
Mr S Neal
Ms E Noble
Ms J Proud - Joint Head of German
Ms E Real Pascual
Ms J Robertson - Joint Head of German

Performing Arts

Mr P Butler- Head of Faculty/Head of Dance
Ms R Canning
Ms S Degge
Mr D Hardaker - Joint Head of Music
Ms C Hotham
Ms A Kemp
- Joint Head of Music
Ms F Lovibond
Ms C Noble
Ms T Ogunbiyi
Ms L Willcox - Assistant Head of Faculty/Head of Drama

Sport & PE

Ms H Burton
Ms S Heaton - Head of Skill Area, Head of Girls PE
Mr D Lewis
Mr M Fletcher
Mr D Page
Mr C Ridgway
Ms R Saunders - 
Assistant Head of Skill Area
Mr J White - Head of Boys PE

Art, Design & Technology

Ms S Armstrong - Head of Art
Ms C Fogarty
Ms E Glynn

Ms C Gravelle
Ms L Loy - Assistant Head of Faculty/Head of Food Technology
Ms L Rees
Ms J Silvester
Mr O Smith - Head of Faculty
Mr R Townsend

Professional Support Staff


Mrs R Sheridan - Business Manager
Ms G Travers - PA to Headteacher
Ms L Puncher - Finance Manager
Ms C Cook - Finance Assistant
Ms J Hudson - Finance Assistant
Ms K Whitfield - Exams Officer
Mr S Groom - Data Technician
Ms M Holmes - HR Officer
Ms A Jeffries - Clerk to the Board of Directors


Ms D Smith - Pastoral Manager Year 7 & 8
Ms J Oliver - Pastoral Manager Year 9, 10 & 11
Mr J Moir - Attendance Officer
Ms T Powell - Attendance Administrator
Ms P Page - Careers Adviser
Ms K Cherry - Sixth Form Pastoral Support Assistant

Front Office

Ms L Lucas - Office Manager, Staff Cover Manager
Ms E Croome - Administrative Assistant (Reception)
Ms J Blaydes - Administrative Assistant
Ms A Self - Administrative Assistant
Ms C Peck - Administrative Assistant (First Aid)

Learning Support

Ms A Thorne - Head of Faculty
Ms S Bell - Learning Support Assistant
Ms C Betty - Learning Support Assistant
Ms T Collie - Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Cooksey-Jones - Science Intervention Tutor
Ms W Fan - Learning Support Assistant
Ms D Flavill - Learning Support Assistant
Ms H Gray - Deputy Head of Learning Support
Ms N Hurrell - Learning Support Assistant
Ms M Lyon - Learning Support Assistant
Ms E Mariner - Learning Support Facilitator
Ms M Maul - Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Metson - Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Mullery - Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Perry - Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Smith - Maths Intervention Tutor
Ms S Snow - English Intervention Tutor
Ms P Threadgold - Learning Support Assistant
Ms M Waspe - Learning Support Assistant
Ms D Young - Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Baggley - Psychology Intervention Manager


Ms J Hughes - Resources


Ms S Tucker - Library Assistant (Thurs & Friday)
Ms C Betty - After School Provision Assistant (Mon,Wed)
Ms A Self - After School Provision Assistant (Tues)
Ms S Tucker - After School Provision Assistant (Thurs & Fri)

Department Technicians

Ms C Hotham - Art Technician
Ms C Lander - PE Technician
Mr I Lander - Technology Technician
Ms L Beaumont - Technology Technician

Laboratory Technicians

Ms P Criddle - Laboratory Technician
Ms C Diggins - Laboratory Technician
Mr J Styles - Laboratory Technician

IT Network

Mr D Perry - IT Network Manager
Mr R Alsaadie - IT Technician

Midday Assistants

Ms L Beaumont - Midday Assistant
Ms S Bell - Midday Assistant
Ms C Betty - Midday Assistant
Ms D Flavill - Midday Assistant
Ms M Holmes - Midday Assistant
Ms J Ketley - Midday Assistant
Ms M Maul - Midday Assistant
Ms A Oegelund - Midday Assistant
Ms A Savill - Midday Assistant

Premises Team

Mr W Locker - Premises Manager
Mr T Orwell - Assistant Premises Manager
Miss L Lodemore - Caretaker
Mr T Garrard - Caretaker

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