01245 264451
01245 264451


Philosophy Club  

Friday Lunchtime  each week in C7

For students interested in life’s Big Questions! Philosophy is a love of wisdom and we discuss and debate a range of views along a different theme each week. If you are interested in RE, history, psychology and politics then come and share your ideas and hear what others have to say.  All year groups welcome


Saga LGBT  

Tuesday Lunchtime each week in C1

SAGA is an inclusive club for the schools LGBT community. Everyone is welcome if they wish to attend and learn more about LGBT issues, work on school fund raising projects and take part in informative quizzes and activities. SAGA is also a safe space for people who wish to talk about their sexuality and gender identity.


Debate Club

Wednesday Lunchtime each week C1

Debate club is a forum to debate and discuss topics of interest in the media and moral and ethical issues. Students have previously debated “should the world go vegan?” “Is war ever acceptable?” and the Trolley problem.