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01245 264451

Girls' Uniform


  • Black, either standard or fitted style with school badge worn on left lapel*
    Badges for standard blazers are available from Schoolwear Plus or the school.


School Tie

  • Lower School - Black with thin Red, White  and Green diagonal stripe*
  • Upper School - Black with Red scallop*



  • The only skirt that can be worn is the Boswells School Skirt. This must be worn to below the knee*.



Girls can wear trousers if they wish instead of the skirt. Trousers must be:

  • BLACK, 'classic' style, totally unpatterned (no tight-fit, no jeans, studs or raised seams, no corduroys). Low rise or hipster style are not acceptable. If belts are worn they must be the standard black, suit style belt. All trousers must be worn from the waist and be of full length.



  • White, plain, normal style or fitted.
    Must be tucked in and worn buttoned to neck.


School Grey Jumper

  • Plain grey with embroidered scallop (no other jumper acceptable)*



  • GREY or BLACK when worn with trousers. Very short ‘trainer’ socks are not acceptable.
  • WHITE when worn with a skirtVery short ‘trainer’ socks are not acceptable.



  • Natural coloured or black tights
    All tights are to be plain, and totally unpatterned



  • Black, undecorated shoes in a sensible style are mandatory for health and safety
    Boots, canvas shoes and trainers are not acceptable nor are heels above 5cms, platform soles or sling backs.



  • Denim is strictly prohibited, as are hooded tops, tracksuit tops and baseball caps




Items marked with an astrix (*) are avaliable to purchase from Schoolwear Plus