01245 264451
01245 264451


  • We are working in partnership with a charity called Future First to keep in touch with all of our leavers – and their progress – from day one and also to reconnect with our former students who have left over the years.
  • Details of past students will be placed on a dashboard which the school will have access to as well the person’s contact details. Information on what past students studied, where they have gone, since leaving us – whether that be recent leavers or now at college, in an apprenticeship or university or someone who left years ago and is now in an established career.
  • Year on year, we hope the network will get larger and larger.
  • We also have an Alumni Officer, Alex Bailey who is a Future First member of staff that works specifically with our school – and others in the area. He can help draft communications to send out to our alumni network, get in touch with local press about news we might want to share, invite former students back in on our behalf, come in and visit.
  • Future First works with 1 in 6 schools and colleges across England and have plenty of experience how other schools are integrating their former students into the curriculum and extracurricular activities.


Alex Bailey
Alumni Officer
Future First

020 7239 8933 | alex.bailey@futurefirst.org.uk | www.futurefirst.org.uk | @futurefirstorg
Future First, 338 City Road, London, EC1V 2PY