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COVID 19 Academic Year 2020 2021

Covid-19 Safety Measures (September 2020 - Updated November 2020)

We will be following government guidelines and taking all possible precautions to protect the health and safety of both students and staff.

Essential measures include:

  • A requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Enhanced cleaning and ventilation arrangements
  • Active engagement with NHS Track and Trace
  • Formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise the potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable

Contacts and risk of transmission to be reduced by:

  • Grouping children together – year group ‘bubbles’ and tutor group ‘bubbles’ for Year 7,8,9
  • Avoiding contact between groups – zones in operation for break and lunch
  • Students stay in their classroom if it is a wet break other than to leave to access their year group toilets or to visit their designated canteen
  • Year group Pastoral ‘Hubs’ have been established
  • Staggered arrival and departure times to keep the bubbles apart
  • Arranging classrooms with forward-facing desks
  • Staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible – 2 metre zone marked in the classroom around the teacher desk
  • A one-way system in around the school site where possible
  • Sanitiser stations are positioned at all entry points to a room
  • Staff and students must wash their hands for more than 20 seconds, more frequently
  • We will ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting and implementing the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and having signs displayed in toilets
  • Students can wear face coverings in their classrooms if they wish to
  • Staff can wear visors or face coverings in their classrooms if they wish to
  • Designated toilets for each year groups which are cleaned after a break or lunch
  • Reduced movement around the school site at lesson changeover – students will stay in the same classroom base for the majority of lesson for Year 7,8,9 and teachers will move to them
  • All staff and students must be wearing a face covering when moving around the inside communal areas of the school and as they move between classrooms even if outside. They do not need to wear them on breaks when on the playground. Staff have been issued with visors which can be worn in the classrooms when teaching
  • Parents need to notify their child’s Head of Year if they are exempt from wearing a mask and they will be issued with a card to aid communication with staff
  • Assemblies will be virtual to avoid ‘mass gatherings’
  • Information and Parents evenings will be virtual to reflect the latest government guidelines
  • Extracurricular and enrichment opportunities including trips and visits will be risk assessed and only permitted in relation to latest government guidelines
  • Curriculum provision has been amended to reduce opportunities where mixing and social distancing is harder to maintain such as group work and contact in physical activities

The Structure of the School Day

The structure of the school day is available in the document list below

Attendance and Illness

  • Students and staff should not attend the school site if they are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus.  For a full list of symptoms, see NHS guidance on this
  • Students and staff should also not attend the school site if they are self-isolating
  • If a child is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, parents/carers must contact us as early as possible. ABSENCE LINE: 01245 264451 Press 1 or via Email: This will allow us to take appropriate next steps if necessary, in line with the government’s track and trace programme
  • Parents/carers must inform the school by 8.30am if their child is going to be absent
  • If a child displays symptoms during the school day they will be escorted by a member of the Leadership team (wearing PPE) to an additional area allocated to the First Aid team. Parents will be contacted and required to collect their child asap

Travel to and from the school site

  • Students should follow government guidance when using public transport to and from school

  • Staff and students must adhere to the appropriate tier rules of the time
  • Loitering at the shops and waiting for friends from other ‘bubbles’ is strictly forbidden

Classroom procedures

  • Students must remain outside the designated area for the teacher identified by the black/yellow tape
  • Students will remain in their year bubble throughout the day and must not cross into another year group’s bubble
  • Teachers should facilitate the cleaning of the desks, computer keyboards and mouse if there has been a change of students on arrival with the disinfectant spray and blue paper
  • Teachers will teach from the front of the room, ensuring social distancing between them and students at all times
  • If it is essential for materials to be handed out to the class, the teacher must place them down at the edge of their designated area and retreat to a safe distance so a student can collect them and hand them out
  • Students are expected to bring in their own equipment and books for their lessons; equipment will not be lent to students
  • Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and other additional members of staff in classrooms must be 2 metres apart from students and other staff If an LSA needs to work in close contact with a student who has specific learning needs, then they must wear appropriate PPE 
  • LSAs will be assigned year group ‘Bubbles’ and only work with that year group
  • If for any reason staff have to be within 2 metres of others, then they must wear the appropriate PPE
  • Strict seating plans must be adhered to for all classrooms, for all students


To balance the need for increased ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature, the following measures are also in use:

  • Opening high-level windows in preference to low level to reduce draughts.
  • Increasing the ventilation while spaces are unoccupied (e.g. between classes, during break and lunch, when a room is unused)
  • Providing flexibility to allow additional, suitable indoor clothing 
  • Rearranging furniture where possible to avoid direct drafts
  • Heating will be used as necessary to ensure comfort levels are maintained particularly in occupied spaces.
  • If the temperature is uncomfortable in a classroom, then students will be allowed to keep their external coats on. The windows will be closed, but the door will be left open.


  • Government guidance is very clear: if students cannot behave in line with health and safety protocol they should not be on the school site. Staff and Students are expected to follow the Behaviour Policy and the subsequent Addendum to the policy
  • All students must wear full school uniform. If a student has PE, they are permitted to wear their PE kit

Additional cleaning

  • Additional cleaning and sanitising will take place throughout the school day
  • There are cleaners on-site throughout the school day


  • Each bubble will have its own designated area to purchase hot and cold food and drinks.
  • Student who purchase food from the canteen have the option to eat in the designated area – for students in year 7,8,9 they must sit in the allocated areas for their tutor groups
  • Students are advised to bring their own water bottle and under no circumstances share

Additional Measures and Information

  • Additional PPE will be provided to those with first aid responsibilities or those who may have to come in close contact with students 
  • Please note that testing is available to all secondary school staff and students and we will follow government guidelines regarding track and trace measures and any suspected cases that occur in the school community
  • Visitors to the school site will be by appointment only and will be required to follow the markers to ensure reception staff safety and wear a face covering
  • Boswells staff are required to maintain social distancing and to facilitate this a number of meetings will be conducted virtually and increased staff work spaces have been established

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