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Our staff

Please be aware that it is not possible for staff to respond immediately to emails.

We ask staff to respond to any parental email within 2 working days of the email being sent. We would ask that if your query is urgent, or of a sensitive nature, that you call the school on 01245 264451. Our Reception is open from 8am to 4.15pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 4pm on Fridays. 

Please be aware that to use the email links below you will need to have your local email client configured, this could be Outlook, Window Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc. If you do not use an email client, you will need to enter the required email address in the send/To box when composing an email.


Mr S Mansell


Mrs T-L Jones

Deputy Headteacher (Teaching, Learning & Progress)

Ms C Noble

Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour, Safety & Welfare)

Ms L Grover

Assistant Headteacher - Head of Lower School (Years 7 to 9)

Mr S Jones

Assistant Headteacher - Head of Upper School (Years 10 to 13)

Mrs S Dodson

Lead Practioner & Initial Teacher Training Co-ordinator

Mr P Keech

Lead Practitioner

Mr P Butler

Associate Leader - Head of Performing & Creative Arts

Mrs A Crickmore

Associate Leader - Head of English

Mrs S-J Hayes

Associate Leader - Head of Humanities

Ms T Taylor

Associate Leader - Head of Year 8

Mrs A Thorne

Associate Leader - Head of Learning Support - SENCO

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Heads of Year / Pastoral Team

Ms A Whitehead

Head of Sixth Form - Teacher of Sociology

Ms H Burton

Head of Year 11 - Teacher of PE

Mr J Harkness

Head of Year 10 - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr D Page

Head of Year 9 - Teacher of PE - Teacher of BTEC Sport

Ms T Taylor

Head of Year 8 - Associate Leader

Ms L Martyn-Smith

Head of Year 7 - Teacher of Humanities

Mrs K Cherry

Sixth Form Coordinator

Ms J Oliver

Upper School Pastoral Manager Years 9, 10, 11

Ms D Layton-Smith

Lower School Pastoral Manager Years 7 & 8

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Mrs A Crickmore

Head of Faculty

Ms D Beazeley

Assistant Head of Faculty

Mr P Keech

Lead Practitioner

Ms A Wilson

Key Stage 5 Coordinator

Ms E Woodhull

Key Stage 3 Coordinator

Ms N Ross

Head of Film and Media studies

Mr D Baker

Ms C Down

Mr J Farrington

Ms K Nally

Ms H Rogers

Ms D Snape

Ms S Stout

Ms K Toleman

Miss S James

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Mr I Kennedy

Head of Faculty

Ms S Ruffell

Assistant Head of Faculty

Mr D Carlton

Lead Practitioner

Mrs S Dodson

Lead Practitioner

Mr P McManus

Year 7 Coordinator

Mr P Boreham

Ms D Fayz

Ms S Horgan

Mr C Mugabe

Mr S Poththewela

Ms A Russell

Ms L Smith

Mrs B Daly

Miss S Legg

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Ms T Gage-Pascoe

Head of Faculty

Ms C Farrell

Assistant Head of Faculty & Head of Physics

Ms J Chittenden

Key stage 3 Coordinator

Mr R Coxhead

Head of Chemistry

Ms M Hellary

Head of Biology

Ms C Baker

Ms E Blackmore

Ms R Breame

Ms E Hatton

Mr A Reed

Mr P Summerton

Mr P Trumper

Ms L Cooksey-Jones

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Mrs S-J Hayes

Head of Faculty

Mr A Rogers

Assistant Head of Faculty & Head of Social Sciences

Mr J Caba

Head of Religious Education

Mr J Daggar

Head of History

Ms S Wells

Head of Geography

Ms C Allen

Ms L Bruns

Ms A Flanigan

Ms S Hellen

Ms S Smyth

Mr K Wells

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Business, Computing & Technology

Ms P Cater

Head of Faculty & Head of Social Sciences

Mr O Smith

Assistant Head of Faculty & Head of Design Technology

Ms J Fowler

Head of Business and Economics

Ms K Budden

Ms C Goodwin

Ms C Kuczma

Ms L Loy

Ms J Oreilly

Ms L Rees

Ms J Silvester

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Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs V Lamb

Head of Faculty

Ms K Martin

Assistant Head of Faculty & Head of French

Ms R Nobes

Head of Spanish

Ms J Robertson

Head of German

Ms R Cohen

Ms N Coker

Ms C Dezert

Ms J Proud

Ms E Real Pascual

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Performing & Creative Arts

Mr P Butler

Head of Faculty & Head of Dance

Ms L Willcox

Assistant Head of Faculty & Head of Drama

Ms S Armstrong

Head of Art

Mr D Hardaker

Head of Music

Ms R Canning


Mr R Gentle

Ms E Glynn

Ms C Graville

Ms R Jenkins

Ms A Makhina

Ms C Noble

Ms J Winstone

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Sport & PE

Ms S Heaton

Head of Faculty

Mr C Ridgeway

Assistant Head of Faculty

Ms H Burton

Mr C Coyston

Ms Suzanne Lee

Mr D Lewis

Mr D Page

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Professional Support Staff - Administration Team

Ms S Bradshaw

Cover Supervisor

Ms C Cook

Finance Officer

Ms E Crisp

Attendance Officer

Mr S Groom

Data Manager

Ms J Hudson

Finance Manager

Ms G Hampshire

Attendance and Administration Officer

Ms K Nicholas

Finance Assistant

Ms P Page

Careers Advisor

Ms R Smyth

PA to Headteacher

Ms K Whitfield

Exams Officer

Ms M Williams

HR Officer

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Professional Support Staff - Front Office Team

Ms L Lucas

Office Manager, Staff Cover Manager

Ms J Blaydes

Administrative Assistant

Ms L Free

Administrative Assistant

Ms C Peck

Administrative Assistant/First Aid Officer

Ms A Self

Administrative Assistant

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Department Technicians

Ms S Bannister

Art Technician

Ms L Beaumont

Food Technology Technician

Ms L Perry

PE Technician

Mr D Self

Technology Technician

Mr W Taylor

Performing Arts Technician

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Laboratory Technicians

Ms P Criddle

Laboratory Technician

Ms L Maguire

Laboratory Technician

Mr J Styles

Laboratory Technician

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IT Network

Mr D Perry

It Network Manager

Mr R Alsaadie

IT Technician

Mr M Wakeford

IT Technician

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Library Team

Ms C Betty

After School Provision Assistant

Ms S Fosh

Library Assistant

Ms A Savill

After School Provision Assistant

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Premises Team

Mr P English


Mr R English


Mr T Garrard

Premises Manager

Mr T Orwell

Assistant Premises Manager

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Midday Assistant

Ms L Beaumont

Midday Assistant

Ms C Betty

Midday Assistant

Ms M Maul

Midday Assistant

Ms A Savill

Midday Assistant

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