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All students attending The Boswells School are required to conform fully with our uniform and dress code.

The Boswells School Uniform


Traditional plain white cotton – short or long sleeved.  Must be tucked in and worn buttoned to neck.


Black, either standard or fitted style with school badge worn on the left lapel.  The Boswells’ fitted style jacket can only be purchased from Schoolwear Plus.  Badges for standard blazers are available from Schoolwear Plus or the school.

School Tie

The Boswells clip on tie available from Schoolwear Plus or the School.

Jumper – Optional

Grey V-neck woollen jumper with the school logo which can be purchased from Schoolwear Plus.

Outdoor Coat

Standard outdoor coat – denim, leather tracksuit tops or hooded tops are not permitted.

Trousers or Skirt

Black ‘classic’ style, totally un-patterned (no tight-fit, no jeans, studs or raised seams, no corduroys, no leggings, no flares).  Low rise or hipster style are not acceptable.  All trousers must be worn from the waist and be of full length.  The only skirt permitted is The Boswells Kilt which can be purchased from Schoolwear Plus and must be worn to the knee.

Belt – Optional

Black suit style belt.

Socks or tights

Black or grey socks – very short ‘trainer’ socks are not acceptable.  Tights should be plain black or tan with no patterns.


Black, classic style shoes.  Boots or trainers are not permitted.


Watch and single stud earring in the lower earlobes are the only permitted items.  Discreet religious symbols may be worn after securing permission from the school via the Head of Year.

Make Up

Discrete natural makeup.  Eyelash extension and unnatural eyelashes are not permitted.


Should be kept at a reasonable length to maintain safety.  Nail extensions, acrylics or any colour is not permitted.


Extreme hairstyles or colour are not acceptable.  If colour is being used on hair it must be a natural colour.  (Colours such as blue, red, purple etc are not acceptable).  Students should not have any patters in their hair.  We have adopted the Halo Code to ensure that no student is discriminated against because of their hair style.

Cultural or Religious Headwear

Should be plain black or white.



Boswells PE Kit


Plain black with no logos or stripes.


Plain white short sleeved collared – can have The Boswells logo which can be purchased from Schoolwear Plus.

Rugby Shirt for rugby

Reversible black / red shirt purchased from Schoolwear Plus.


Athletic / running trainers.  For Health & Safety reasons, canvas trainers, plimsolls, skateboarding shoes and high tops are not permitted.


Plain white and for rugby and football long red socks.

Football boots for football and rugby

Moulded sole style.

Swimming costume / shorts

Plain black swimming costume or shorts or trunks.

Hooded Sweatshirt – optional

Black hooded top with The Boswells logo – can only be purchased from Schoolwear Plus.  No other hooded tops are permitted.

Tracksuit bottoms / leggings – optional

Plain black with no stripes or logos.

Shin pads and gum shield – optional

Recommended for football and rugby.

We are sure that you will be aware of the importance of this and we expect parents to support us by making sure that students are smartly dressed.  The wearing of the full school uniform is one of the keys to our maintenance of high disciplinary standards which leads to the high reputation of the school and is a core reason for our considerable popularity with parents.

Please also remember that children do take a pride in being smart and of good appearance and that school uniform is not expensive when viewed over a school career.  The choice of uniform has deliberately been made to be inexpensive and when provided through Schoolwear Plus the cost is reduced even further.  It can also be purchased elsewhere if parents wish, but should conform in colour and style to that supplied by the school.  School uniform is now cheaper than many fashion and leisure clothes and with only one uniform to buy, parents have reduced pressure from their youngsters to wear different fashionable garments to school each day.

No item of school uniform should follow the changes of popular fashion.  Such styles are usually totally unsuitable and maybe unsafe for the busy life of a large co-educational school.  The items supplied through Schoolwear Plus use the definitive styles and types. Occasionally students may have reasonable excuses for minor deviations from the school uniform.  This must always be accompanied by a letter of explanation from the parents.

No hats or caps of any description are to be worn inside school.

If parents/carers are in doubt about the suitability of any items of uniform they intend to purchase, they should contact the school. This will enable us to work together to maintain high standards of dress. Please mark all uniform and PE Kit carefully with student's name.

Uniform Suppliers Schoolwear Plus Date
Boswells Price List 2023 Mar 2023
School Wear Plus Introduction Letter Mar 2023
Uniform List Sep 2022
PE Kit List Sep 2022